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"Into everybody's life some rain does fall. When it falls in your living room, give M.J. Robbins a call."

Insurance Restoration Specialists

From start to finish, M.J. Robbins Construction is your insurance restoration contact. Owner Mel Robbins prepares all the estimates for customers, and he will handle any complications that may arise as a result of an insurance loss. Whether it is dealing with your insurance agent, adjuster, or your mortgage company, which may be listed on your insurance check, we will seamlessly assist you to make sure that your claim is handled promptly and properly.

M.J. Robbins Construction is your expert in:

– water damage
– wind damage
– fire and smoke damage
– hail damage
– structure collapse
In addition, M.J. Robbins Construction handles every type of insurance loss that you may experience, and probably a lot of damage that you might not think would qualify as an insurance loss. We deal with all facets of an insurance claim, from inception to completing the job.

About Us

M.J. Robbins Construction, Inc. has specialized in insurance restoration for residential homes and commercial real estate in Marion County and surrounding Indiana counties since 1989.

Owner Mel Robbins grew up around contractors. He worked in his family’s lumberyard in Kokomo, Indiana, since age 13, and jumped at the chance to do side jobs for contractors while in high school. Throughout the process, Mel gained extremely valuable knowledge of the construction industry. He attended Ball State University and received his associate’s degree from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis prior to becoming a licensed field agent for the Prudential Insurance Company at age 21.

Two years later, Mel became an insurance adjuster for Indiana Insurance and joined J&S Associates, an insurance restoration company, in 1983. He did construction estimating and sales. Mel then worked for Carpenter Construction Company, when a 1989 hailstorm catapulted him to form his own business, M.J. Robbins Construction, Inc., that same year.

Since 1977, Mel has either worked for or with insurance companies to restore damaged homes and businesses. “I love construction and it’s my nature to fix problems,” he says. He’s always been mechanically inclined. While growing up, Mel methodically dismantled an alarm clock and put it back together only to find his mother upset when she saw the clock in pieces. Mel enjoys analyzing how things come together. He compares it to what he does for his clients, “This is what I do on a regular basis. This is the estimating process.” Mel loves figuring out what happened, what’s damaged, and determining what needs to be fixed before identifying the next steps to make this happen.

Mel’s philosophy in life has served him well. “Do the right thing. It may not always be pleasant, but at the end of the day, it’s still the right thing.”

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