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"Into everybody's life some rain does fall. When it falls in your living room, give M.J. Robbins a call."

Emergency Tips from Mel Fix-It

From start to finish, M.J. Robbins Construction is your insurance restoration contact. Mel Robbins, owner, still does all of the estimates for our customers, and he will handle all of the complications that may arise as a result of an insurance loss. Whether it is dealing with your insurance agent or adjuster, or your mortgage company who may be listed on your insurance check, we will seamlessly assist you to make sure that your claim is handled promptly and properly.

What to Do in the Event of a Loss

  1. Call your insurance agent
  2. Call M.J. Robbins to meet your insurance representative and to evaluate the loss
  3. Protect your property as soon as possible
  4. Allow the insurance company to inspect the property as often as needed

What to Do Prior to a Loss

No one can predict if they are going to have a loss to their property, but it’s always good to be prepared for one the best you can. Here is advice from Mel Fix-It on what things you should do today in case you ever have a loss in the future.

  1. Know your insurance agent well
  2. Know your insurance policy well
  3. Have the right endorsements on your policy (not all insurance policies are the same)

Items with Limits:

  • Trees
  • Water damage in basements
  • Jewelry
  • Cash in the house
  • Documents with monetary value
  • Artwork
  • Silver or gold
  • What is your liability limit?
  • What is your medical pay limit?
  • Do you rent? If so, are you covered?
  • Do you live with someone that you are not married to? If so, do you have insurance?
  • Have you taken pictures of the inside of your home including your contents?


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