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The aftermath of extremely high winds resulting from Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008 blew a 200-year old tree onto a brick home located near 96th Street and Keystone Avenue on the north side of Indianapolis. The tree, ranging in diameter between 10 and 12 feet, caused $180,000 in damage to the home. Due to the massive size of the tree trunk, it required two cranes transported on a semi to remove it from the house. Homeowners Judy and Roderick MacDonald contacted their independent insurance agent, Steve Shoultz, who ultimately recommended Mel Robbins, owner of M.J. Robbins Construction, Inc., to tackle the job.

According to Judy, four bedrooms, a hallway, two bathrooms, the kitchen, and part of the living room were severely damaged. The house had to be vacated for six months, including the 2008 Christmas holidays. “That winter was severe,” comments Judy, “temps ranged from below zero to single digits.” She added that, due to the severe temps, the home incurred collateral damage, including pipes bursting and the basement flooding. Ultimately, the exterior of the home was transformed from brick to stone. The MacDonalds found Mel Robbins readily accessible to answer their questions and Judy said that they would hire his company again.

Before and After Photos

restoration from storm damage

Before – home damaged during a storm.

home restored after storm damage

After – home is restored!

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